Save Time And Money With The Premium Website Template Bundle [Deals]


CoM - templatis_mainframe_adjusted

During the history of my own website, I’ve gone through at least five full-fledged design changes. And I wouldn’t have been able to make those changes happen without the use of some great-looking templates.

Like many people, when I first started to blog I used the free themes that were readily available. But as the web became more populated, I decided to pony up some dough for themes that cost a little bit of cash. Then I paid even more for some robust ones. But if I’d had some of the templates found in The Premium Website Template Bundle I might not have had to do that.

There are a total of 26 templates in this bundle — which Cult of Mac Deals is offering for only $44. (You can get a sense of what each of them looks like here.) Not all of them are going to be your cup of tea (some of them certainly aren’t mine0, but for that price you’re getting a very wide selection of premium templates to choose from. The themes are compatible with Dreamweaver, CoffeeCup, Sublime Text, and TextWrangler – and will work with most other similar programs so that you can edit your templates as you wish.

This deal won’t be around for long, so build your template collection up front rather than over time for only $44 with The Premium Website Template Bundle and save time…and money!