Why The iRig iMic Is A Great Addition To Your iOS Toolbox [Deals]



I’m a podcaster.

And I’m not just a podcaster that sits at home and records on my MacBook Air with my Blue Spark Digital microphone. I’m a podcaster that likes to record on the go. That means I need to have something that allows me to record top-notch sound in a portable package.

So when I team up my iPhone with the iRig iMic, I’m able to do what I do…and do it well.

The iRig iMic is great for a variety of recording, but I’ve used it for field interviews when I’ve been at conferences or at events where interview subjects are there in spades. When I need great sound, this device does not disappoint, allowing me to use my recordings for my podcast. And when I simply need to capture some audio from an interviewee for a blog post later on, it juts looks that much better to have an actual microphone to display rather than just put my iPhone in their face.

Now my Blue Spark Digital does allow for iOS recording, but the price point is nowhere near what Cult of Mac Deals is offering for the iRig iMic – just $39.99 – but it also isn’t ideal for recording in the field. I certainly use it when I’m in a hotel room sitting by myself, but when another person is involved (whether in a room or in the open), the iRig iMic is the better tool to use.

So if you’re a podcaster, a singer, or a journalist who wants to be taken just a little more seriously when they unleash their audio gear, then the iRig iMic is going to be right up yuor alley. The quality is great and thanks to Cult of Mac Deals, the price is just as great. Add the iRig iMic to your iOS toolbox for just $39.99 today.