Gorgeously High Flying Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders Is Apple’s App Of The Week


Sky Gamblers Storm Raiders

Apple highlights a new iOS app each week: the iTunes App Store App of the Week. Last week, it was a frustratingly compelling puzzle game, Doodle Fit 2, that Apple chose to spotlight.

This week, it’s another game, this time a beautiful dogfighting flight sim called Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders from Atypical Games. It’s the first of the two games Atypical has developed for the Sky Gamblers series, with the follow up, Cold War, recently released on the App Store as well.

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders is free for a limited time to celebrate the honor.

Storm Raiders features a World War II-themed arcade flight sim game with amazing visuals, a ton of single- and multi-player campaigns, along with historically accurate aircraft. Even better, players on iOS can fight against players on Mac OS X, as is true with all the Sky Gamblers games.

Don’t take my word for it — go see the trailer for all the eye candy and aerial flybys that you can handle:

Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders is available for free right now in the App Store for iOS, as well as for Mac OS X for $4.99.

Source: App Store