Visualizing Apple’s Dinner Table Of Products [Chart]


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Three years ago, Tim Cook very memorably said that although Apple was selling $40 billion worth of products every year (that number has since more than quadrupled), all of Apple’s products could fit on a dining room table. That amazing quote was slightly disingenuous — many of Apple’s products are virtual, and take up no physical space at all — but it still made a point: Apple chooses what it does so carefully that everything has its place. What Cupertino doesn’t do is just as important as what it does.

It’s all interesting food for thought, to be sure, but what if we took Tim Cook’s table metaphor and broke it down? For every foot of table, how much money does Apple make on each product?

Using Tim Cook’s quote above as inspiration, charting maestro Horace Dediu decided to make the table a reality:

…[R]ather than trying to imagine a table full of Apple products (some of which are non-physical) I thought a more fitting analogy would be to allocate the revenues from these products to a table and thinking about how much space relative to each other the products would take.

To make conversion easier, I picked a rather large table; 10 feet long, big enough to fit a small conference room. What would this table covered in product revenue look like?

As you can see above, about six feet of that table is made up of iOS devices, with the iPhone 5 taking the lion’s share of the table. The Mac is responsible for another foot-and-a-half or so, with various iTunes revenues (apps, music and videos) accounting for about the same length of table space. The Apple TV is just a sliver of the table, less than 0.3-inches long. Various accessories make up the remainder of the table, a mere 3.6-inches.

Amazing how much space at the table some of the smallest Apple products take up, isn’t it?

Source: Asymco

  • Wirehedd

    Nice chart. Of course, all* of my Apple products will easily fit on a dining room table but I’m not interested in ripping the house apart to put them all there. My kids would kill me for taking the AppleTV out of their recroom and my Mac mini can stay right where it is too. Still a cool chart.:)

    *iPhone 3GS, 4, 5, iPad 2, 3, ipod Touch (x4), MBP 2010, MBA 2012 (x2), Mac Mini 2011, Apple TV v2 (x2). These are just the ones still in service as there are a bunch of old iPods and the like in drawers throughout the house not being used but kids won’t sell them.

  • daov2a

    Great chart. What this clearly shows is how Apple’s diversification of products is getting stale and will eventually hurt their bottom line. They are just tweaking old products and making them better or faster. Hopefully, we get something new soon. Obviously, this is not going to happen anytime soon but realistically, they need to start pushing more and different products down the assembly line.