MyFlavors Auto Rips Recipes From Any Web Page



MyFlavors for the iPad is a clever recipe app which auto-rips recipes from the web and separates out the various components, tidily parsing out and filing directions, ingredients, photos, the description and the cook time. The app is free, but requires a $5 in-app purchase to actually do more than try it out.

I currently use Basil as my recipe manager, and I don’t see myself changing soon, mostly because it works, and I have a ton of recipes already saved therein. But if I was starting out I’d give myFlavors a serious try, mostly for the ease of saving recipes. In Basil, you need to tell the app what’s what so that it can file the info correctly. MyFlavors does it for you. It’s like Instapaper and Pocket’s text-cleaning, only for recipes.

The app will also auto-convert your recipes to up-and-downsize the amounts based on how many mouths you have to feed, and can auto-generate a shopping list from the ingredients.

The only thing I don’t like is the interface: it’s styled to look like a paper binder, with page-saving tabs and everything. Basil is much cleaner, and much more suited to an iPad. Especially an iOS 7 iPad.