Merge Several Finder Windows Into One Tabbed Window With OS X Mavericks Beta [OS X Tips]


Merge All Windows

Ever end up with a lot of Finder windows floating around your Mac screen? In previous versions of Mac OS X, the choice was to close them all with a keyboard shortcut, Option-Command-W, which will end all your Finder suffering in one short tap.

In Mavericks beta, that still works. Yet Apple has also added another way to deal with multiple Finder windows: merging them. Here’s how.

The trick works because of Mavericks’ new Finder window Tabs feature, which takes a cue from modern browsers like Safari, and lets you open a bunch of tabs in a Finder window, in lieu of a bunch of windows.

When you’re on your Mac that’s running OS X Mavericks, and you have a bunch of windows open, simply navigate up to the Window menu and select Merge All Windows. Boom — all the open windows will become a tab in one single Finder window, decreasing clutter instantly.

There isn’t a keyboard shortcut yet, but I hope Apple drops one in there to make this behavior as easy as the close all windows one.

Via: Tips and Tricks in Mavericks