iPhone 5C Submitted To Scratch Tests In New Video



A new video on the iPhone 5C has been posted by Taiwan Apple Daily, showcasing the durability and scratch resistance of the Apple’s unreleased device, along with some measurements.

The video shows an iPhone 5C rear shell being placed into a plastic bag filled with coins and a car key. After a good shaking, the iPhone 5C part comes away unscratched. At one point they even bust out a key to scratch the surface directly, but leave behind no visible scars.


According to the report, the rear casing has a surface hardness rating of 8H on the pencil hardness scale.

The video also examines the iPhone 5C’s measurements compared to the iPhone 5. Thanks to the addition of its plastic armor, the iPhone 5C may measure .75mm higher, .53mm wider, and 1.38mm thicker than the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5C is expected to have the same components as the iPhone 5, but rumors have suggested Apple may discontinue the iPhone 5 altogether in favor of only having the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S in its lineup to simplify production.


Source: Taiwan Apple Daily

Via: iPhoneHacks

  • MeganBlok

    Well I went and watched the video, I must say I am glad to see a white front, the black front with a colored or white back really didn’t seem like something apple would do. It looked tacky. And not to mention horrible.