Is The Keizus Quadropod For iPhone Made From Dead Gremlins?



I never thought I’d describe a camera and iPhone accessory as “creepy,” but here we are. The Keizus is a quadropod (four-legged tripod) which looks like somebody ripped the skeleton out of one of those cymbal-bashing monkeys beloved of 1970s and 1980s horror flicks. Shudder.

As an iPhone (and camera) support, the Keizus Quadrapod+Clamp looks excellent, able to support smartphones and compact cameras, as well as grabbing trees, poles and furniture with its prehensile legs and staying there.

The main section has a regular tripod screw, and the top clamp mates with the screw and provides a jaw to bite down on your phone.

But seriously, this thing is creep-city. Take a look:


Ugh, amirite? Not only is the plastic a skeletal shade of white, but the sections look like bones. And if it does come to life one day, skittering around on your bedroom floor as the light from a passing UFO floods through the gap under the door? Bad frickin’ luck. The makers of the Keizus drove over it with a BMW M3 [1] and the little bastard still didn’t die.

So, assuming that you’re okay bringing this little demon into your home (its name — Keizus — even rhymes with Jesus for Christ’s sake) then you can pay $50 to adopt one. Good luck with that.

Source: Keizus
Thanks: Taylor!

  1. The “M” stands for “moron.”  ↩