Earshots: Pocket-Sized Rechargeable Stereo Speakers For Your Devices



I’m always surprised how much bigger and louder stereo speakers make music sound. It might be the fact that the 3-D space it creates fools our stupid brains into thinking that the music is surrounding us, but the difference is huge. Try it: take a device that’s hooked up to actual separate stereo speakers and flip between stereo and mono with your source.

And so I expect the Earshots Stereo Speakers to sound a lot bigger than their 34mm diameter would suggest.

There are two Earshots, and they hook up via a wire instead of Bluetooth. Nevertheless, they have their own built-in batteries (rechargeable simultaneously via the included dual-way USB cable) which will power them for up to five hours.

I’m looking forward to pitting these against the stack of candybar-style “stereo” speakers I have in my testing lab. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Source: Kubxlab
Thanks: Heather!