Here’s Another, Easier Way To Make A New Folder Full Of Selected Items [OS X Tips]


New Folder with Selection

I don’t know about you all, but I’ve been getting stuff into a new folder in the Finder the same way as I always have, just like I did way back in OS 7, OS 8, OS 9, and even ten years ago in OS X.

I make a new folder in the Finder using Shift-Command-N, or by selecting New Folder from the Finder menu, then Command- or Shift-click all the files I want to put into that folder, and drag them all over. I’ve heard you can even copy and paste files into a new folder the same way, but I’m kind of old school and don’t mess with that.

Today, though, I read about a totally different way to do this. Color me surprised (and a bit chagrined) to find out that there’s an easier way to put a bunch of items into a new folder in the Finder.

So, if you’re in the Finder, go ahead and Command-click on all the items you want to put into a new folder. Then, right click on any of the selected files, and choose New Folder with Selection.

You can also head up to the File menu, and choose New Folder with Selection, or you can simply hit Control-Command-N to do the same thing.

Now, this seems like a pretty simple thing, but Mac OS X is full of these little refinements that just get by us once in a while. Hopefully, this is something you can use to make things just that much easier for you.

Via: AppStorm