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Instagram Starts Going After Apps That Use ‘Insta’ Or ‘Gram’


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If you use Luxogram, or Webstagram, or any other Instagram compatible app, prepare yourself for the possibility of some change. Instagram has started approaching app developers and services, telling them that if they have “Insta-” or “-gram” in their names that they can expect to have their access to the Instagram stream cut off.

This is a flip flop from Instagram’s earlier position. In previous versions of Instagram’s developer guidelines, Instagram actually encouraged developers to use parts of their name as a prefix or suffix. If you saw an app with “Insta-” or “-gram” in the title, you knew it had Instagram compatibility. A smart branding choice.

That’s no longer the case, though. Instagram is now sending out the following notice to developers:

Instagram developers may fairly and accurately indicate that their applications are compatible with Instagram, but may not use the Instagram trademarks in their own brand, or suggest that Instagram sponsors or endorses their product.

This affects a lot of apps. In particular, the developer of Luxogram was warned to make changes “within a reasonable period of time.” The developer says that he’s actually more likely to shut the service down than comply, which is a pity, but a lot of apps and developers might be in the same boat.

One thing to note here, however, is this only applies to developers or services using Instagram’s API. Other apps, like Instaweather, are safe for now.

Source: Techcrunch