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Brett Terpstra’s Awesome SearchLink Ported To Editorial For iPad


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Brett Terpstra’s SearchLink is a System Service for OS X which automatically generates links from your text, without you having to bother to look anything up on Google first. It’s like having an unpaid intern inside your Mac.

And Editorial is that fancy new iPad text editor that incorporates workflows that you can roll yourself.

Now the two have been combined into one amazing iPad ball of goodness.

Here’s how SearchLink works: if you write


in your blog post, forum post or other piece of writing, then Searchlink will turn it into this:

[searchlink]( "SearchLink -")

And that’s just a Google search. You can also choose the Mac App Store (!masd), Wikipedia (!wiki), Amazon (!a) and even your own custom domain search, like (! And if the search seems like it might be a little ambiguous, you can add some search terms too:

[Editorial](! "text editor markdown)

SearchLink outputs Markdown links, so you really have to be using Markdown for this to work.

Then we come to Editorial, which lets you put together Automator-style workflows and run them on your text. The app also lets you run Python code. Philip Lundrigan has ported SearchLink to Python, so it can be added to Editorial. To install, you just open the source link below on an iOS device with Editorial installed and hit the “Install Workflow…” button.

I quit writing on my iPad because I was having wrist and arm problems with all that tapping, but I might just see if I can work around that now. Editorial really is that good.

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Source: Brett Terpstra