Paperback Is An Ultra-Clean Read-Later Service Based On Pinboard


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Paperback is a minimal read-later service that uses your Pinboard account as a source for articles. Any time you check the “Read Later” box when saving bookmarks to your Pinboard account, these items are added to a rudimentary queue. Paperback uses this list to provide you with a nice, clean, Instapaper-like web view of these links.

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The service requires that you sign in to your Pinboard account, whereupon you’ll see minimally-formatted list of your saved articles. Click one to read it in an equally clean view, with just text and pictures and no ads or other cruft.

The beauty of using Pinboard as the back end is that it is already integrated with a zillion web services and apps, and that you can easily add tags to the article when you’re done and toss it back into your sea of bookmarks, confident that you can find it again later.

By contrast, finding an article you once read in Instapaper is tricky at best. In fact, I don’t bother anymore. I have anything I save to Instapaper of Pocket automatically added to Pinboard, and I use that for searching.

The service is free (once you have a paid Pinboard account, that is) and you can also upgrade to a “premium” account, which adds keyboard shortcuts, position sync in articles and a choice of fonts. This will cost you $5 per month, though, which is a little steep for a service that only works in a browser and requires an Internet connection.

Still, I’m totally sold on the idea, to the extent that I’m now looking for an iOS app that’ll do the same thing.

Source: Paperback
Via: Brett Terpstra