Apple Announces Affiliate Program Is Expanding To New Countries



Apple announced today that some changes are coming to its Affiliate Program for digital content, as a new partnership has been forged to help the company expand the program into new countries.

The affiliate program — which allows partners to make money off iTunes content sales by directing users to certain pieces of content via affiliate links — will now be managed by two networks rather than four, as Apple has struck a deal with the Performance Horizon Group (PHG) to become a new affiliate platform partner and push the program into new territories in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Here’s the full announcement from Apple:

We’re introducing a new affiliate platform partner, PHG, which will support the Affiliate Program’s expansion to more countries and provide improved reporting tools. If you are currently participating in the Affiliate Program in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, or New Zealand, you will now be supported by this new platform. To continue earning commissions without interruption, set up a new affiliate account and update all existing links by October 1, 2013.


Source: Apple