PhotoBulk Resizes, Optimizes And (Ugh) Watermarks Your Photos



Bulk editing photos? There are a few ways to do it. You could rent Photoshop every month and create some automated Actions (actually a totally sweet and powerful way to do things); you could use the command-line tool ImageMagick and wrap it in various OS X System Services; or you could just spend $10 and buy PhotoBulk.

PhotoBulk isn’t meant to replace Photoshop actions, and doesn’t have anywhere near the power of many tools. But it is a great example of that breed of App Store apps which make one thing dead easy (and dead cheap) to do. In this case, its simple bulk changes to your pictures.

First off, you just drag your images onto the app, and then choose your actions. You can watermark and resize your images, and optimize them for the web. And that’s it. What makes PhotoBulk stand out is the clean interface and easy-to-set controls.

One word on watermarking. Don’t do it. It ruins your photos, and it makes you look like a precious ass, so full of yourself that you think people are going to steal your Instagrams. And even if people don’t immediately close the browser tab as soon as they see your watermark (like I do), then they’ll still be seeing your perfectly-composed and edited photo with a big distracting chunk of text on top of it.

And guess what else? Watermarks won’t stop people stealing you pictures. They’ll just crop off the mark, meaning that they’re not only using your photo uncredited, but they’re also showing a ruined version (it could be worse — they could crop it and credit you, and you’ll get the blame for the bad composition).

In fact, it’d be great if a future version of PhotoBulk offered an option for embedding a Creative Commons license in the picture. That way, when someone “steals” your picture, all your details go along with it, without having to write them on the front.

Source: Mac App Store

Via: Macworld