Serious Eats Hits The iOS Newsstand



Y’all know Serious Eats, right? It’s the one place on the Internet where you can go to be entertained, educated and properly fed. I’m a fan of cooking, but I generally avoid recipes on the web because it’s hard to gauge their quality until it’s too late. Serious Eats is solid every single time.

And now there’s a Newsstand magazine, and — again — it stands out above the rest.

I “bought” the mag (the first issue is free) as soon as I saw that it was available, and downloaded the app. Then I went on a road trip, and kicked myself for not opening it up and grabbing that free first issue while I still had a fat fiber connection. No matter: Between the mag’s small download size (no bigger than the equivalent web pages) and — I presume — iOS 7’s nifty background updates, I had it ready to read.

Issues are themed around a single subject, and this month that subject is grilling, or barbecuing as it’s known in the rest of the world. Inside you’ll find two articles on method and gear, plus a bunch of recipes. All are written by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, the man with the best name on the internet (and “Chief Creative Officer” at Serious Eats), so you know you’ll love them.

I’ve canceled all my other Newsstand subscriptions thanks to the guilt-inducing overload they bring, the overwhelming glut of new stuff that comes in one chunk and sits there, waiting for you to read it, just like the paper magazines I never read. But I’m buying Serious Eats, because I can read a few select articles, and then quickly look over the recipes, and then keep the whole lot as a reference library. This, it strikes me, is the perfect use for a Newsstand publication.

Serious Eats is $20 per year, or $2 per month, or $3 per issue if you buy them individually.

Source: Serious Eats