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Rumors Ripen on Apple’s Coming Attractions



Speculation regarding the “state of the art new products” to which Apple CTO Peter Oppenheimer alluded in last week’s earnings’ report began in earnest Monday as AppleInsider, Ars Technica and others weighed in on the nature and likelihood of the lineup we can expect to see officially announced sometime in the next six to eight weeks.

Will it be a Mac tablet, new notebooks sporting new chipsets, new iterations of iPod, a ripening of Apple TVanother iPhone release?

Whatever it is, we’re sure we can’t wait for it.


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6 responses to “Rumors Ripen on Apple’s Coming Attractions”

  1. Kev Orng says:

    Another iPhone release? I can’t imagine why… unless it’s a CDMA iPhone so I have a choice besides Rogers in Canada. That would both suck and rock at the same time.

  2. Bill Olson says:

    – Mac tablet – Apple does do things differently and the appeal, even to a non-artistic type such as myself to be able to draw things on the screen, very cool. But unless Apple figures out how to do things very differently than Windows tablets … extremely, EXTREMELY!!! lame. Two thumbs down unless they really surprise me, and I hope they do.

    new notebooks sporting new chipsets – also reportedly supposed to be a (lot?) thinner plus with the glass multi-touch trackpad. Apple laptops are becoming more like desktop computers every day which is a great thing. Well, as least the MacBook Pros. I’m hoping they do a big jump on the MacBook (non pro) versions. Two big thumbs up

    new iterations of iPod – The future of the iPod is the iPhone and iPod Touch. I doubt that you will see any changes to the classic version and they just changed the Nano and Shuffle not that long ago. Maybe a price drop on the more expensive units? I don’t think this will happen either. My thumbs have no idea where to go on this as I don’t know what Apple might have in mind if anything.

    a ripening of Apple TV – The only ripening will be more services available on the Apple TV. I don’t picture them doing much hardware wise. Apple will not build in any kind of DVD or BlueRay drive because they don’t want you to buy discs. They want you to buy through iTV or iTunes. And I highly doubt they will drop the price. Again, my thumbs have no clue where to go on this.

    A nasty word to you for not mentioning the Mac Mini. It’s not been updated for almost a year now (355 days?) and I’ve been waiting about half that time for this to be updated so I can buy one. If I had known half a year ago it still wouldn’t have been updated I would have bought one. Still here I sit waiting and expecting them to change it one day past the return date if I buy one now. APPLE PLEASE update the Mac mini so I can buy one without sweating things out. PLEASE. Also please include dedicated video memory even if only 128mb. Two thumbs that would be pointing up if Mac Minis were being updated.

  3. Andrew DK says:

    I think the best clue to what their new device will be comes from the earnings conference call: new product, expensive hardware and “low” price” (hence their warning about margins).

    I first thought like everyone else that this meant a novel product like the “Macbook Touch” but it seams unlikely that a new product could affect margins so much as to issue a warning. So I started thinking, this has to be some cool upgrade to an existing product that everyone buys already. My bet is on a new MBP. They’re gunna trick that thing out with some crazy new hardware but have to keep the prices relatively the same as they are now thus lowering margins.

    The rumor about the glass multi-touch surface is what I find most intriguing. Sure, the usual screen won’t be touch sensitive, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be another screen under the glass MT surface. Think about it.