Booq Departs From Its Habitual Unearthly Fare With Urbane Boa Brief



Designs from California bag outfitter Booq tend toward the highly unorthodox and original; the last time I wrote about one of their bags I even made a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that the company’s gear was designed by folks from outer space.

But with its square-jawed, establishment lines and pockets that open conventionally, Booq’s new $150 Boa brief laptop bag seems like it would look much more at home on the set of Mad Men than it would on the set of Battlestar Galactica.

The professional, understated design doesn’t hide any surprises, either. There’s a quilted laptop sleeve large enough to fit a 17-inch MacBook Pro, for those brave enough to carry one around; a main compartment that almost splits the bag open when unzipped, for easy access to contents; and a suitcase-handle pass-through for graceful air travel.

Just like all the bags in Booq’s Boa line, the brief carries a Terralinq serial number for a little help recovering the bag if it’s ever lost.

Source: Booq