Belowrez Turns You iPhone Into A Crappy VGA Camera



If ever proof were needed that pixel art’s deceptive simplicity requires a huge amount of work and skill, it’s here in the form of Belowrez, an iPhone camera app that measures its pixels not in the millions but in the tens.

Belowrez turns the beautiful flow of photons falling on your iPhone’s camera sensor into a low-resolution mess, complete with limited color palette and weird aliasing effects. You can pick from nine different effects, which include “four color CGA modes, enhanced 16-color EGA, and 256 color VGA.”

You can also pinch in and out to change the size of the pixels.

Belowrez is free, and as such you should just download it now. It takes up just 1.2MB on your iPhone, and it will provide a lot of fun. It’ll also educate you on just how much work goes into making the pixel-perfect graphics of 8-bit games.

Source: iTunes
Via: Life In LoFi