iPhone Quick-Draw Holster Features Best Kickstarter Video Ever



I should probably start a Tumblr for weird and amazing Kickstarter videos, but I’m sure someone has made it already. If I was starting one, then my first video would be this one, from Dave Garcia and GearLeash. The product is called the iPhone Bumper Case and Holster, which will probably conjure up images of polo-shirt-and-chinos-clad office drones practicing their Travis-Bickle-style quick-draws in the bathroom mirror.

And that would be pretty rad. But Dave has managed to go one better: His Kickstarter promo features muggers, gymnastics and girls leaping down stairs. And that’s just for starters.

Which isn’t to say that there’s no phone-on-chino action in the video. You’ll also find magnets, overweight men at the gym and excessively clicky sound effects. It’s as if a cheesy 1980s Hong Kong action movie had instead been made in the America Of Today.

The case looks cool, too. If you’re a business dork, that is. The minimum Kickstarter pitch is $45, and shipping is estimated for October.

Source: Kickstarter

Thanks: Jessica!