Nothing Bad Could Ever Happen With This iPad Knife Block



I showed the picture of this Victorinox knife block to The Lady and she asked the obvious question: “What could possibly go wrong?” Indeed, what mishaps could possibly befall the user of an iPad stand which also houses a clutch of heavy, sharp metal knives? Nothing, clearly.

The $50 block is actually kind of clever, exploiting the fact that a knife block is already sloped at just the right angle for propping up an iPad. Add a lip on the bottom to keep it from sliding away and you’re done.

The block, which is designed to support “your tablet, eBook, cookbook or manual,” also holds 13 knives and has a swivel base. Considering that a non-iPad knife block of this size goes for around $50, this seemingly absurd tool might actually be pretty handy. If you’re planning on buying a block anyway, why not grab this one? At least it gives you a safe-ish place to stow your iDevice while you make some coffee in the morning.

Source: Amazon