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Goal Zero’s Lighthouse, A Camping Lamp Which Charges Your iPhone



Goal Zero’s new Lighthouse 250 Lantern and USB Power Hub is a camper’s best friend. By day, it’s a USB charger with a backup battery, ready for juicing your waning iPhone. By night, it’s a lamp which will run for up to 48 hours.

The Lighthouse 250 can be charged by the usual means – plugging it into a USB adapter, or hooking it up to one of Goal Zero’s own solar panels – or you can crank it to add some extra charge when you’re both off the grid and out of sunlight.

I think it’s a pretty great camping accessory, with a 250-lumen light that can be switched to a lower, cosier output once your tent is set up. But its bulk might make it better for car camping rather than hiking or biking. Pro tip: carry a white plastic cup with you on camping trips to quickly make a lampshade for your bike’s front light.

And if you’re cycling, drop one of thiose big ~14,000mAh batteries into your pannier. You won’t notice the extra 500 grams, but you’ll be able to keep bike and (USB-chargeable) lights going all week long.

Source: GoalZero
Via: MikeShouts