Corel Makes Its Mark Once Again With AfterShot Pro [Deals]


CoM - corelaftershotpro

Remember Corel? They were the company behind CorelDRAW, which was arguably the most popular vector graphics editor software of its time. The company hasn’t exactly gone away over the years, but they’ve been less inclined to throw their name on products. Corel has acquired a slew of companies (including Roxio and Pinnacle), but I’ve rarely seen the name “Corel” on many products since the days of CorelDRAW.

AfterShot Pro changed that — and it can change how you deal with photos on your Mac. And AfterShot Pro is just $39.99 for limited time through Cult of Mac Deals.

Most of us use iPhoto to manage our photos on the Mac, but AfterShot Pro has some features that may just make you switch. It boasts flexible photo management — which means you can have your photos outside of a typical library and the application can deal with them. AfterShot Pro also offers non-destructive editing and you can set predefined output settings that allow for incredibly fast output in a variety of file formats.

There’s a lot to like about AfterShot Pro — and if Corel thought highly enough about the product to buy the company that made it… then you know it delivers. If you’re looking for a new workflow solution for your photos, then get it for $39.99 – that’s 60% off the regular price – here.