Disney Drops Definite Details On Two New iPad Game Apps For ‘Infinity’ Universe


How do you *not* want this game?
How do you *not* want this game?

Disney’s upcoming open world sandbox game for gaming consoles, Disney Infinity, will bring all our favorite characters together from a host of Disney franchises, including The Incredibles, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Wreck-It Ralph, and more. It’s an ambitious release, and will include Skylanders-style figures and collectibles into the mix.

Yesterday, then, Disney revealed that there will be two separate iPad apps to support the console release. The Disney Infinity: Toy Box app will connect to players’ Disney ID and allow them to download and play in shared Infinity worlds. The second app, Disney Infinity: Action!, will allow folks to use characters from the Infinity universe in their own videos, blending the real world with the stylized characters from the Infinity game.

Here’s a quick video of the Action! app, with all sorts of fun possibilities for bringing Disney characters into your own short films. You should be able to share them to YouTube, Facebook, and save to your own iPad camera roll from the app itself.

The Action! app will have three video animations included, and you’ll be able to purchase more with in-game coins, earned from various actions within the app, like uploading videos, watching ads for the console game, logging in daily, or straight out purchasing them with real money; all fairly standard free-to-play stuff.

The more ambitious release, Disney Infinity: Toy Box, will allow you to create, play, and even share sandbox levels right from the iPad. You’ll get one character (Mr. Incredible) with the ability to purchase more characters for $0.99 each via in-app purchases, or by purchasing a Disney Infinity figurine in stores once the main game releases. Wired notes that you’ll also be limited to 65 in-game purchases to build stuff in the iPad app, but you’ll be able to get more by playing the console version of the Infinity game.

Disney Infinity: Action! is set to release tomorrow for free on the App Store. Disney Infinity: Toy Box is “coming soon,” but should also be free. This is a really ambitious project, and could really raise the bar for state of the art connections between mobile and console gaming, if done right.

Source: 148Apps
Image: Wired