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Apple Hiring iPhone Hackers



Apple has posted a job opportunity for a position it calls “iPhone Security Engineer.” An “exceptional individual” will get the chance to “have a major impact on Apple’s embedded operating system products,” according to the job posting.

Job requirements and useful experience include “passion for developing “proof of concept attacks, industry exposure to and knowledge of OS security and UNIX internals” and “involvement in reverse engineering and security communities.”

The company appears to be taking seriously recent criticisms of its nonchalance toward patching iPhone security holes and its less-than-full-embrace by the enterprise community.

Who says crime doesn’t pay?

Via Ars Technica

4 responses to “Apple Hiring iPhone Hackers”

  1. firesign says:

    also read as: we want to stop people from jailbreaking iphones.

  2. Farrell Ian says:

    Actually, I believe Microsoft have done this one time or another as well?
    I don’t think it’ll ever stop the jailbreaking.
    It will always be a Cat and Mouse game.