The Apple TV Is Cutting A Lot Of Cable Cords



Cord cutting is something a lot of people threaten to do, but pretty much only ever talk about. People really like the idea of eliminating their cable bills and simply connecting their TV to the web, but the reality is there’s too much on TV you can’t easily get if you cut the cord, like HBO, and for most people, the technology involved is still a difficult hurdle.

But if there’s anything that’s going to get you to cut the cord? According to a new report, it’s an Apple TV.

This comes from a new survey done by TDG Research, which finds that Internet broadband users with connected TVs are twice as likely to cut the cord and quit their cable services as those who don’t connect their TVs to the Internet at all.

That’s almost a ‘no duh’ observation: if you can already connect your TV to the Internet to stream video content online, of course you’re closer to cutting the cord than those who are still squinting into some old analog cathode ray for their TV.

Keep in mind, though, that right now, the Apple TV has 56 percent of the streaming device market. It’s the most popular smart TV or set-top box solution out there. That means Apple is inspiring an awful lot of cord-cutting.

That’s not necessarily the way Apple wants it to be, though. Recent reports suggest that Apple is working with cable companies to make it easier to watch cable TV through the Apple TV, as long as you’re a subscriber. Apple wants to become the cord, not cut it.

Source: TDG Research

  • Barry_Dwyer_

    Proud cord cutter here – 3 years now! The only hurdle for a lot of people seems to be live events – namely sports. It’s amazing how many people I know fork out €60 a month solely to watch Sky Sports at home – the rest of the channels they barely watch. It’s going to be very hard to get around what companies like Sky know is their no.1 cash cow. They’re not going to cede an inch to streaming companies in terms of their rights on live sports.

  • slashwalk

    What a dumb blog post, so you got a survey that says that if you have an apple tv you are more likely to cut the cord? Anyone can tell you the same thing without doing a survey… why? because its obvious!!!! And then you just use that and title the post: “The Apple TV Is Cutting A Lot Of Cable Cords”… because of that survey??? This is a perfect example of mediocrity. Come on Cult of Mac, you can do better than this..

  • DJBabyBuster

    People pay for cable nowadays?…The streaming services cover much of the bases, and the rest including HBO are easily torrented. A thunderbolt to HDMI cord was the best addition ever.