Apple Is Throwing A Crazy Sale On iTunes Movies: Harry Potter, LOTR, Matrix, Star Trek, And Many, Many More [Deals]


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iTunes is having an absolutely bonkers sale right now on its movie selection: you can buy every single one of the eight films in the Harry Potter series for just $59.99. The regular price is over $125. And that’s just where the deals get started: chances are, if you’ve got a favorite film series, iTunes is selling it in a bundle right now, at a crazy low price.

For example:

Lord of the Rings Trilogy$17.99

• Every Star Trek film – $49.99

X-Men Quadrilogy$24.99

The Godfather Trilogy – $19.99.

The Matrix Trilogy – $17.99

• Every Die Hard movie – $39.99

Lethal Weapon collection – $19.99

Spider-Man Trilogy – $19.99

Back to the Future Trilogy – $19.99

Believe it or not, that’s not all. There are a lot more bundles where those came from. It’s uncharacteristic of Apple to throw this kind of sale, so get hopping: although digital goods have a supply that extends towards infinity, this won’t last forever.

Update: In an earlier version of this post, the prices listed above we even lower. The pricing was a mistake on Apple’s part, that has since been rectified. We’ve updated the article with the proper prices. Hope you got the deals while they lasted!

Source: iTunes