Apple Is Throwing A Crazy Sale On iTunes Movies: Harry Potter, LOTR, Matrix, Star Trek, And Many, Many More [Deals]


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iTunes is having an absolutely bonkers sale right now on its movie selection: you can buy every single one of the eight films in the Harry Potter series for just $59.99. The regular price is over $125. And that’s just where the deals get started: chances are, if you’ve got a favorite film series, iTunes is selling it in a bundle right now, at a crazy low price.

For example:

Lord of the Rings Trilogy$17.99

• Every Star Trek film – $49.99

X-Men Quadrilogy$24.99

The Godfather Trilogy – $19.99.

The Matrix Trilogy – $17.99

• Every Die Hard movie – $39.99

Lethal Weapon collection – $19.99

Spider-Man Trilogy – $19.99

Back to the Future Trilogy – $19.99

Believe it or not, that’s not all. There are a lot more bundles where those came from. It’s uncharacteristic of Apple to throw this kind of sale, so get hopping: although digital goods have a supply that extends towards infinity, this won’t last forever.

Update: In an earlier version of this post, the prices listed above we even lower. The pricing was a mistake on Apple’s part, that has since been rectified. We’ve updated the article with the proper prices. Hope you got the deals while they lasted!

Source: iTunes

  • Robster2007

    Shame it seems to be USA only!!!!! :-(

  • rob_jewitt

    Looks like the Potter films are £7.99 each in the UK

  • KingKevD

    Yeah, doesn’t seem to be working on the Canada store (as of 10:00 am EST)

  • MKJJ

    Should read $59.99 not $9.99!!

  • MKJJ

    Should read $59.99 not $9.99!!

  • demeeder

    “Purchase of this item is not currently available. This item is being modified. Please try again later.” (LOTR and HP attempted purchases from the US). Looks like it was too good to be true.

  • MKJJ

    Sorry, for Harry Potter I meant :)

  • iowamatt

    Demeeder, same problem I’m having. I’ve tried to purchase both Harry Potter and Matrix Trilogy and have gotten the same error…

  • smacsteve

    Now they’ve raised the price to $59.99. What a bunch of crap!

  • rubiconreader

    Yep, I’m having the same problem as everyone one else. Was this a glitch or a two-hour sale?

  • Robert X

    LOTR is the “standard” editions not the “extended”.