RoundFlash — One Ring Flash To Beat Them All



Ringflash: You love the harsh-yet-even light, and the donut-shaped highlights it throws into the subject’s eyes. You love that you can make magazine-style photos with a single, on camera flash. But you hate the bulky plastic adapter you have to carry around to make it all happen.

What you need, my creative-yet-lazy friend, is the RoundFlash. It’s a flash that’s round.


The RoundFlash is in fact a collapsible tent which pops open into a light-wrangling ring that’s held taut by magnetic sticks. The gimmick is that it weighs just 300 grams (11 ounces) and springs from a 20x16cm (8×6-inch) pouch to make a 45cm (17.7-inch) diameter cylinder. You mount your flash on top of your camera, poke its face into the hole in the top of the tent and push the camera’s lens through the hole in the center. You now have instant, lightweight ring light.

Strobist David “The Ring Flasher” Hobby has tested one out. He says that it’s a little hot at the bottom (slightly more light comes from the bottom edge of the ring), but otherwise is even and bright.

It’s also cheap, at just €109, or about $155. I sometimes use an Orbis ring flash adapter when I’m doing product shots at home, but I never take it out of the house with me as it’s just too big and bulky. The RoundFlash, though, is small enough to live semi-permanently in my bag.

Source: RoundFlash

Via: Strobist