Larry Ellison: We Already Know What Happens To Apple Without Steve Jobs



Tech pundits across the web have been arguing for years about whether Apple can succeed without Steve Jobs, but Steve’s close friend, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, says that we already know what the future holds for Apple.

In an upcoming interview with Charlie Rose on CBS, Ellison says we don’t need to postulate what’s going to happen to Apple because we’ve already seen the after-Jobs experiment:

Well, we already know. We saw — we conducted the experiment. I mean, it’s been done. We saw Apple with Steve Jobs. We saw Apple without Steve Jobs. We saw Apple with Steve Jobs. Now, we’re gonna see Apple without Steve Jobs.

Here’s a clip of the interview:


What do you think of Ellison’s claim? Will Apple merely repeat the past without Steve at the helm, or did he leave enough leadership to fill the vacuum?

The full interview with Ellison will air Tuesday on CBS.

Source: CBS

  • Cocacolakid

    I think they’ll still be a very good company with very good products and are in much better hands than the first time without Steve Jobs. However, obviously, there isn’t a visionary pushing the company forward. It’s not the same company. Tim Cook appears to be a very intelligent man but his talent has been in controlling supply lines and product stock, a position that he still is overseeing since it is one of the many jobs that hasn’t been filled.

  • themacified

    He’s comparing the Apple of the 90?s to the Apple of now. Steve knew he was going to die. He handpicked, and crafted all of the top Apple employees to embody his vision of a successful company that thinks about amazing products first, then profits second.

  • harrystymiest

    Steve will NEVER be replaced but Apple in the 1990’s Didn’t have Jonathan Ive

  • Chris Wurtinger

    Johnny Ive joined Apple in 1992

  • Atienne

    @themacified: And hows that working for them?

  • ElSaborAsiatico

    I think it’d be more accurate to say that we already know what happens to Apple when it rejects Steve Jobs. Obviously Apple won’t be the same company without Jobs, but to compare Apple today with the Apple that shoved Jobs unceremoniously out the door in 1985 is kind of silly. The Apple that Jobs left when he died reveres his vision and is doing its best to carry it forward. Which doesn’t mean that Apple might not crash and burn, but if they do, it won’t be for the same reasons or under the same circumstances.

    (Also — although Jonathan Ive did join Apple in 1992, he wasn’t permitted any significant influence on the company’s industrial designs until Jobs returned in 1997.)

  • WilhelmR

    What Apple was: Johnny Ive showing jobs all his design, and Jobs picking the ones he thought were the best, then killing everything else.

    Now: Johnny Ive with as much power inside the company as Tim Cook.

    They are making the same mistake as the 90’s Apple by making their product line confusing and bloated again (Can you keep track of all tiers, colors, mixed generations, etc?)

    If they want to remain on the top, and keep betting the company on the next big thing, then they’ll need to refocus and go back to those few products that will keep them at the top, not dilute them.