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Flick Quit Up To Three Apps At A Time In iOS 7 Beta [iOS Tips]


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Back when iOS got “multitasking,” it was a matter of pride in my group of geeky friends to be able to double click the home button on their iPhones and then space three or four of their fingers *just* right to tap a bunch of apps’ little red circles to force quit the apps all at once. “Hey,” they’d say, “why settle for force quitting just one at a time?”

I suppose they had a point, as today’s tip is all about “flick quitting” up to three apps at once on the iPhone, provided said iPhone is running iOS 7 beta.

If you’re running iOS 7 on your iPhone, double click the Home button to bring up the new, improved multitasking feature. You’ll see three apps and their previews, just above the app icons. You can swipe left or right to find the specific three you want to flick quit.

Now, place one finger per preview on each of the apps, and swipe up with a flick gesture. You’ll get rid of three apps in one fell flick, and then can do the same for the next three, and so on. That way, if you want to flick quit a whole bunch of apps in a row, you can do so: flick up with three fingers, swipe left, then flick up another three. You won’t be able to flick quit the main Home screen, so you’ll have to swipe to the left to get three apps.

Now, as many of these apps aren’t truly running, you’re only asking your iPhone to reset the saved states these previews represent. It’s helpful when an app gets stuck or stops responding. Only certain types of apps truly run in the background, and flick quitting them will help, as well.

Thanks for the tip, Andrew C!