The Atherton Is The iPhone Case 1970s U.K. ‘Soccer’ Coaches Would Have Used



The Atherton is — in name and in design — the iPhone case that 1970s- and 1980s-era U.K. football (soccer) managers would have used. Famous for their sheepskin coats, these hard-talking, hard-smoking sports trainers wouldn’t hold truck with lily-livered modern materials like nylon or — gasp — fleece. Nope. The only covering fit for a testosterone-filled football coach was the skin of a dead sheep.

The Atherton case is actually even better, made from a cute dead lamb instead of a tired old sheep. It comes in black or “cognac” (the favorite desk-drawer tipple of every 1970s boss), boasts a single slot for a credit card or a few bills, and can be had for every iPhone model since the 3G.

How much? A cool $49, which is more than a secondhand sheepskin coat, but less than the time machine you’d need to buy in order to make the garment fashionable to wear.

Source: Landmarks & Lions