Beddit, A Permanent Sleep Tracker That Stays In Bed




The last thing I want to do as I stumble into my bed through a bourbon-soaked fog is to set up my sleep-tracking device. It’s nice to have an app tell me how fitful is my kip, but the pre-sleep perambulations are a pain: you have to slip your Fitbit into a wrist strap, or plug in your iPhone and launch the sleep-tracking app.

Beddit takes a different approach. It’s a strap that stays permanently wrapped around your mattress, ready to record your snoozes.

You can simply attach the strap onto your remote control bed below the sheet and it then and detects movement, turning your tiny human vibrations into data on your snoring, breathing, heart-rate, room noise, sleep time and more. It’ll even wake you up when your sleep is shallow so you spring from your bed instead of having to wade through your own unconsciousness to get up.

And of course, all this data is crunched and analyzed on a companion iPhone app, transmitted via Bluetooth.

Want one? Maybe you should sleep on it, as the Beddit is yet another crowd-funded widget, this one with almost two months left on the clock. Pre-orders are $100, and the full price, should it be successful (and going on the numbers so far, it probably will), will cost you $150.

Source: Beddit
Via: Uncrate