Scan On The Go With Prizmo 2 [Deals]



Gone are the days when you absolutely needed a scanner to deal with document scanning. With the emergence of smartphones, we’ve seen a ton of new applications hit the market that allow you to do things that were unheard of before. Scanning documents is one of those things – and Prizmo 2 is just one of the apps that gives you that ability.

If you don’t have an app that handles scanning right from your phone, then now would be the time to take advantage of the pricing at Cult of Mac Deals. Because Prizmo 2 is only $24.99 during this limited time offer.

Whether you’re looking to scan a document or take a picture to create a great-looking scan for later, Prizmo 2 can handle it. You can read up on all the features that Prizmo 2 boasts (and there are plenty) over at the Deals page, but here are some practical use cases to keep in mind:

  • During Travel: Use Prizmo 2 to take photos of receipts, business cards, and documents related to travel and then sync them back to your Mac via iCloud.
  • At The Office: Don’t want to bring paperwork home to deal with? Use Prizmo 2 to scan what you’ll need and you’re good to go on the road or at home instead of carting around paperwork from the office.
  • At School: If you’re a student, you can take notes on paper, scan them with Prizmo 2 and have them in your pocket for easy access anytime and anywhere.

And these are just some of the many uses cases of Prizmo 2.

If you want a true universal scanning experience, using pictures from your iPhone, iPad, digital camera, connected scanners, and even screenshots, Prizmo 2 is the app you’re looking for – especially at a savings of 50%. Get it today from Cult of Mac Deals for just $24.99.