ColorSchemer Studio 2: A Little App That Speeds Design Up [Deals]


CoM - colorschemmain

I may not be a designer, but I know what I like. And even with my lack of craftsmanship in design, I do have a sense of realizing when a color is just a bit, well… a little off. But what I don’t know how to do (at least with ease) is how to fix that “offness” when I really need to.

So I don’t fix it at all.

Only when people who have more design sense than I do tell me that the color that I thought was “a little off” is actually very off do I feel bad about my decision to just let it be. That’s when this app—currently on sale through Cult of Mac Deals—probably could have come in handy.

ColorSchemer Studio 2 is touted as “the professional color-matching application for your Mac” and Cult of Mac Deals has it for only $29 for a limited time.

What does it do? It makes designing more productive—especially for people like me who aren’t well-versed in design. ColorSchemer Studio 2 quickly generates color schemes so you can waste less time with minor details and really focus on the high level aspects of your design projects. And that’s just for starters… there are more features listed here.

(If you’re a Windows user, you can get ColorSchemer Studio 2 for your platform here.)

With ColorSchemer Studio 2 in your arsenal, you can do a lot less of letting colors be and a lot more fixing them so they are spot on.

Get it from the Cult of Mac Deals now for just $29.