Leica-Like SD Card Caddy Costs A Crazy $185



Would you like a Leica, but don’t-a like-a the price tag? You could do what I did, and buy a $70 Leica strap for your cheap-ass $1,300 camera. Or you could buy this cute Leica-inspired SD card holder. Price: a mere $185.

The M-series-shaped box hangs by a thread from your camera’s strap, and has space for a couple of spare cards inside. And just like a real Leica, it has a ridiculously backward-looking design feature: You have to take the bottom plate off to get to the cards inside. At least you don’t have to unscrew the catch—the Walter Leica case has a pair of magnets that hold the plate on right up until you owe it.

I would actually buy a little SD card holder, as I often carry spares with me (although I have no idea why, as I shoot JPGs onto 8GB cards), but there’s no way I’d pay this kind of cash for one. But there must be some demand for the thing, as the maker Walter Pretorius’ site is currently down thanks to exceeding bandwidth limits.

Source: Walter Leica
Via: PetaPixel