Shiori Is A Simple iOS7-Inspired Pinboard App For Mac



If you use Pinboard (and if you don’t, you should), then you might also consider using a Mac app to save and browse all those achieved bookmarks. Which brings us to Shiori, a very plain-yet-pretty iOS 7-inspired Mac app for your Pinboard.

Shiori currently trades super speed for feature limits. It works like an app launcher, popping up a nice, flat, on-screen panel when you hit the customizable hotkey combo, and searching your bookmarks as you type. It seems to search on the title of your bookmarks, but may also includes the tags you added to them.

It also saves bookmarks. Instead of a browser extension or a bookmarklet that’ll also clutter your iOS device, Shiori opts for a global hotkey combo which grabs the URL and page title from the currently open tab in the frontmost browser window. It works with Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

You can narrow the search by typing more, or you can scroll though the list with the arrow keys. Hitting return opens the page in your default browser. The app also learns as it goes, bubbling your most-used results towards the top of the list.

Currently there’s no way to browse your tags, which is either a big deal or no problem, depending on how you use Pinboard. Then again, it’s also free, so you can take it for a test drive right now.

Source: Shiori
Via: MacDrifter