Create A Bookmark Folder From Open Tabs In Safari Or Chrome [OS X Tips]


Safari bookmark tabs

I know a guy who opens the same 25 or so tabs each day, checking email, news, websites he likes to read, etc. I often ask him why he doesn’t just use RSS or something, but he usually mumbles about liking the layouts of individual web pages.

Whatever. My friend likes to open a ton of tabs every day, and he does so with a bookmarked folder full of those tabs. Now, he created this bookmark folder manually, but there’s an easier way, using either Safari or Chrome

Here’s how.

In Safari, open as many tabs as you want to bookmark, all at once. Once they’re all open, head up to the Bookmarks menu to select “Add Bookmarks for these __ tabs.” The blank space will fill in with the number of tabs you have open. Select that, and Safari will drop down a sheet to create and name a Bookmarks Folder. Type in a name for the new folder and choose a spot to save the folder using the drop down menu just above. Safari will save the folder with the Auto-Click enabled, meaning that when you click on it, instead of opening up like a normal bookmark folder, it will open all the links contained within as tabs.

Chrome has a similar feature, also in the Bookmarks folder. The menu item is called “Bookmark all tabs” and, once selected, will create a bookmarks folder as well. This one, however, will behave the same as any other bookmarks folder, and won’t auto-open in tabs. To open it all in tabs in the same window, simply right click on the new bookmarks folder and choose “Open all Bookmarks in a New Window.”

Now you’ll have an easy way to open those several websites you need opened every day. Pretty neat, right?

Via: MakeUseOf