New Disney iPad App Offers A Colossal Treasure Chest Of Disney Animation


Every scene of every Walt Disney Animation Studios feature ever made.

Just like the Disney theme parks, the new Disney Animation iPad app is saddled with a heavy price for admission—but reveals a vast trove of wonder once inside.

For $14, the app makes an immense amount of material available—almost two gigs worth—from Disney’s digitally and traditionally animated titles.

For starters, there’s are complete, swipeable timelines for every animated Disney feature film ever produced. Then there’s the Color Map, a browsable thumbnail catalog that can display full-screen images of every single scene in every Disney animated feature ever made (there’re fifty-three of ’em).

And that’s just for starters. There’s concept art, storyboards and familiar 3D models, many of which can be interacted with. You can animate a model of Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph, or examine each layer of animation or visual effect in scenes from some of the movies.

There’s a lot here to keep fans absorbed. The high price of admission might deter casual interest, but ticket prices have never really been an obstacle to the truly Disney-obsessed.

Source: Disney