Apple Wants To Build More Sophisticated, Less Aggressive iCloud Mail Anti-Spam Tech



Sick of getting spam in your iCloud email? You’re not the only one. Apple’s sick of it too, and they’re making a hiring push to get spam and abuse under control in the iCloud.

Apple has just posted an ad on its official job boards to recruit a Software Engineer for the iCloud Mail Infrastructure Team. This engineer’s duties will be to help build out a new mail ‘anti-abuse’ infrastructure.

What Apple says they want is a candidate who can work with iCloud’s existing spam systens but can come up with new ways to deal with spam and phishing, as well as work with other engineering teams to “Define and implement new mail anti-abuse systems.” You’ll need previous experience working on mail architecture to get the gig.

Of course, Apple already has mechanisms to report spam and phishing attacks, but obviously, Cupertino doesn’t feel they’re working well enough. In particular, we’ve seen iCloud mail filter both outgoing and incoming mail. Apple may be looking for a more sophisticated but less aggressive approach to spam in the future.

Source: Apple Jobs
Via: AppleBitch