Clean Dust And Dirt Out Of Your iPhone 5 Camera With These Simple Tools [iOS Tips]


Mine isn't quite *this* bad.
Mine isn't quite *this* bad.

My iPhone 5 camera has gotten some grime inside it, and my pictures are all yucky because of it. I’ve procrastinated taking it to the Apple Store to get cleaned out because, hey, I’m busy lazy.

Luckily, there’s a guy on YouTube whose buddy had the same problem, and he put up a video showing how to clean out the iPhone 5 with a tiny screwdriver, suction cup, can of air, and a plastic non-marring tool.

A quick disclaimer: if you choose to try this fairly simple iPhone 5 surgery, you’re responsible for any damage that might occur. Please don’t email us asking for a replacement iPhone.

Here’s the video, so you can follow along.

Basically, you’ll need to take out the two screws on the bottom of the iPhone 5, and then pry up the bottom of the case with the plastic spudger tool, being careful not to rip out any of the tiny connecting cables at the top of the device.

Then, you’ll need to gently disconnect those same cables, and remove three more screws that hold in the rear camera. Once that’s open, spray some air in there to get rid of the dust and dirt.

If you want, you can dig a bit deeper into the internals of your precious iPhone 5 and clean out the front camera in the same way. Personally, I’m only unhappy with the dirt on the rear camera, as it’s totally killing my Instagram shots of my food and pets.

Regardless, now I don’t have to go to the Apple Store; I can stay here at home, huddled in the basement, and clean out my own damn iPhone 5.

Source: YouTube
Via: Gizmodo

  • EyadHainey

    Goodbye AppleCare lol

  • Aaron Renner

    I had some dust under the lens on mine, still under 1 year warranty until September. I took it in to the Genius Bar this last weekend and they gave me a new phone rather than try to clean it out. According to what I was told, if there’s dust in there, the seal around the lens has failed and qualifies for replacement.

  • wkoffel

    I had the same amount of dust as in the article photo. Took it to the Genius bar a couple months back, and just like in Aaron’s case, they replaced it. Honestly, folks, if you want to take your phone apart, go for it (you don’t even need dust as an excuse to tinker and geek out, just enjoy it!). But if you just want the dust to be gone, do yourself a favor and take it to Apple. It’s less than 1 year old, and this is clearly a manufacturing defect with the sealing of some iPhone 5 units.

  • micrich3

    Considering the nearest Genius Bar is about 500 miles away, taking my phone to an Apple store is not really an option. These tips are very useful for people who don’t live near a major city.