Spinlister, Like Airbnb For Bikes



Spinlister is like Airbnb for bikes. Instead of renting some piece-of-junk city bike for exorbitant rates while you’re on a city vacation, you can instead rent a hipstermobile from a private individual. For—it seems—equally exorbitant rates. And you can of course make some extra cash in your home town renting out your own spare steed.

The service comes as both a website and an iPhone app, and to find a ride you just tap in the name of the city you’re visiting and view the list. You can narrow the results by rider height and bike type, making it easy to borrow a cargo bike for a trip to IKEA, or something comfy for a visiting friend.

Despite the international nature of the site, rider height is listed in feet and inches (absurd, as most of the world uses proper measurements) and prices are in dollars.

When you’ve booked a bike, you meet up with the owner and ride away. The site uses feedback ratings plus phone, Twitter and Facebook verifications for security.

I wouldn’t lend out my good bikes, but my old polo bike is gathering dust in the entrance hall and could probably fetch more money in a week of rentals than it would if I sold it, so I might give it a, ahem, spin. In the meantime, if anyone in Leipzig, Germany has a bike they could lend The Lady for a week or so, that would be great. The one that came with our short-stay (Airbnb) apartment is an unrideable piece of junk.

Source: Spinlister