This Day In The Rolling Stones App Goes Free To Celebrate Mick Jagger’s Recent 70th Birthday


No moss is gathered, ok?
No moss is gathered, ok?

So, the dude who said he’d quit rock and roll when he turned 33 just turned 70. This is a guy that typically covers 12 miles during a Stone’s show as he leaps about the stage, running and dancing. Mick Jagger has been on the cover of Rolling Stone (no relation) twenty times, the first time in 1968.

To celebrate this fairly amazing milestone for the quintessential rock and roll superstar, This Day In Music apps has made its Rolling Stones tribute app, This Day In The Rolling Stones, free.

If you’re a Stones fan, and let’s face it, most of us are in some way, you should check this one out. According to the developers, This Day In The Rolling Stones is going to remain free forever. Bravo!

The app boasts tons of The Rolling Stones history, including historical info for every day of the year, including all the gigs, tours, TV appearances, recording dates, events, music chart positions, and album releases The Stones have been a part of over the last 40 years or so.

There’s a ton more, too, including in-depth song notes for 15 classic Stones albums, with over 200 songs laid bare, including session and musician info. There’s over 300 trivia facts and quiz questions for the super fans, and more than 100 images of The Rolling Stones to look through. The app will also help you play your own Stones music from your iTunes library via the app itself, and—of course—a way to purchase all the music you don’t have via iTunes.

This Day In The Rolling Stones is available as a universal app, usable on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Download your copy today and enjoy The Rolling Stones on the go, on the couch, and maybe even on your Apple TV.

Source: The App Store