8 Changes Apple Made In iOS 7 Beta 5


ios 7 beta 5

iOS 7 beta 4 was just released last week, but that hasn’t kept Apple from pumping out another beta to developers faster than you can say “Oppenheimer.” Beta 5 was released today, and like always, there are some subtle and not-so-subtle changes worth noting.

Here are eight changes in iOS 7 beta 5:

Redesigned icons in Settings app

Before and after
Before and after

Ability to disable Control Center while using apps


The feature previously worked no matter where you were in iOS 7. Now you can select to have it turned off whenever an app is open. It can also be disabled on the lock screen.

Redesigned Twitter icon


Reboot screen is white if you have a white iOS device


It used to be black, no matter what. (Image via thechungster)

“Slide to power off” redesigned to match rest of OS

New bar for grabbing banner notifications


“Slide to unlock” sound missing on iPhone


Could just be a bug.

Phone buttons are more like buttons


There were no circles around the icons before.

  • SupaMac

    This article looks quite similar to the one on 9to5Mac that was posted earlier today….

  • KarbonXX

    This update also prevents your from downloading new apps from the app store. sucky.

  • NylocRek

    Of particular interest was the addition of the circles around the phone button icons. Its such a good idea, in fact, that I think circles should be added around ALL button-style setting options rather than rounded squares. This will help differentiate the app icons from settings icons at a glance. Even though the current design is uses the minimalist flat look, using circle surrounds makes them more functionally distinct.

    The colored mini-icons within the settings app are a great improvement, as they are easier to read at a glance in poor lighting conditions. Overall, I am very pleased to see the recent improvements to the iOS icons, as they show that the iOS team are open change and to great ideas for improvement.

  • DrM47145

    I’m not a big fan of skeuomorphism, and though I like simplicity, I really think Jony Ive has Fisherpriced our iOS experience.

  • Scott

    This update also prevents your from downloading new apps from the app store. sucky.

    I’m not having any issues. Just downloaded Grid on my iPhone 5 running 7b5, and Cut the Rope on my iPad 3 running 7b5.

  • trudderham

    Not as many new features in this release, but some of the notable ones include changes to the Share menu, the removal of initials in the Messages app and a new flagged icon in the Mail app. All the details can be found here:


  • Eric_M_White

    I really do not like the changes to the icons in Settings. The blue icons were cleaner and more uniform. The bright colors does not do it for me.

  • DJBabyBuster

    It may be trivial, but the white boot screen for us white iPhone users is a nice touch :)

  • Aaplman13

    I have a white iPhone 4 and the boot screen isn’t white

  • Aaplman13

    and i liked the old phone keypad better. this one is too small.

  • markymac

    @SupaMac RE: article looks the same as 9to5.

    I’ve seen the basically the same exact screenshots on several other sites reporting on the changes on beta 5. Other than the order of things they’re all pointing out the same stuff. The only difference I’ve seen is on iOS Guides site.

  • allls

    skype is working now!!! great!

  • allls

    skype is working now!!! great!

  • tbattles

    Anyone else notice that they took the last initial off the name in singular iMessage threads? I like it, I kind of thought the last initial thing was weird. Plus, the full name is kept in the inbox section, so when you tap into someone’s thread you know which one you’re talking to, even if you have more than one person with that first name.

  • RBabs

    I would really like to see “Locations” added to the control center. I usually leave the location service off and I hate that I need to go through the settings to turn in back on when needed for GPS or anything else that needs locations.

  • Ivor_Carcamo

    can someone confirm that itunes radio is gone from beta 5!