SafeGrip Case Kidproofs The iPad Mini



If there’s one thing I hate more than kids, it’s the thought of their filthy hands touching my pristine gadgets. Worse, these walking fetuses have brains so undeveloped that they will drop something the second they stop thinking about it.

For me, the solution is easy—just avoid the little monsters. But parents aren’t so lucky (although you could argue that they brought it upon themselves), and need a little help. And today that help comes in the form of Kensington’s “SafeGrip™ Rugged Case & Stand for iPad® mini.”

Aimed at schools, the SafeGrip actually looks ideal for a frat-house coffee table, too. The case makes the iPad mini almost impossible to drop, and has a fat handle that can twist to form a stand. Even the screen is protected from jabs and spills, and there’s a “personalization slot” so that an identifying label can be added (I just wrote my name on the back of my iPad with a Sharpie).

It also comes with a stylus.

I’m only half joking here (about the case being useful for adults, that is; not about the children. I never joke about children). If this case came in a less nursery-bound color and was maybe a little less bulbous, it would be ideal as a rugged case for grown-up humans. As it is, your kids will get to have all the fun. $50 of fun, that is.

Source: Kensington