Two Tools You Can Use To Optimize Your Mac [Deals]



There’s a key difference between paper clutter and digital clutter: you can actually see paper clutter. Digital clutter can clog up your Mac in various places, and sorting your files into folders will only help you to a point. There are tons of other little files that can keep your Mac running at less than optimum levels.

Here are a couple of tools that can help you deal with that invisible clutter.

WinZip Mac Optimizer

WinZip Mac Optimizer automatically scans and removes unnecessary files and applications while instantly improving system performance. It sports a feature called “Shredder” that can also completely eliminate files for security purposes. Run this app every couple of days and you’ll see a noticeable jump in system speed afterward. Cult of Mac Deals has WinZip Mac Optimizer on sale right now for just $19.95. Get it here.


Another app currently available at a reduced price through Cult of Mac Deals is xScan. xScan has been specifically designed to help you monitor the behavior and health of your Mac in a simple and straightforward manner. This is the same software many professionals use to diagnose technical issues with Mac operating systems—and now you can get it for a third of its original price (only $10) at the Deals page.

Treat your Mac well and it will do the same for you. These apps can help you do that, so grab them while you can from Cult of Mac Deals.


    Both of these are junk software. I highly suggest anyone interested read the reviews on each.