There’s No Reason Not To Grab ‘Brütal Legend’ From The Mac App Store For Ten Bucks






Double Fine’s Brütal Legend is out on the Mac App Store, and to celebrate, the publisher has dropped the price to a mere ten bucks. Considering that this game still retails for $15-$20 online, at least, this is a great deal.

Did I mention it also has Jack Black, Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmister, Rob Halford, Lita Ford, and an extra-helping of metalhead charm and Double Fine humor? Well, it does. If you’ve got a spare ten to, well, spare, then you should head on over to the Mac App Store and get yourself a copy before the price goes back up.

Brutal Legend is an open-world action-adventure game with a hilarious storyline about Eddie the Roadie (Black) and his aspirations to become the best heavy metal roadie ever, and perhaps even a Rock God. It’s like spending time in a fantasy painting by Frank Frazetta as directed by the guys from Spinal Tap.

Don't make Ozzy sad; buy the game.
Don’t make Ozzy sad; buy the game.

You’ll grab your epic guitar-axe and battle your way through hordes of hell’s minions, commanding the power of rock and Eddie’s minions along the way. The gameplay is both action hack n slash as well as real time strategy- flavored, with melee and ranged combat coming into play. You’ll also have a guitar solo power-up that can summon objects, buff teammates, or damage your enemies, as you direct.

Anywhere you can see in the game is a place you can go; you can walk, drive, or fly anywhere in the game. It’s worth your time to do so, since Brütal Legend is elbows-deep in visual nods to the history of heavy rock music and its associated fantasy artwork.

All that for ten bucks? On my Mac? Yes, please!

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One response to “There’s No Reason Not To Grab ‘Brütal Legend’ From The Mac App Store For Ten Bucks”

  1. MacAdvisor says:

    “There’s No Reason Not To Grab ‘Brütal Legend’ From The Mac App Store For Ten Bucks”

    Of course there is, I hate adventure games and it would be a complete waste of my $10.

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