There’s No Reason Not To Grab ‘Brütal Legend’ From The Mac App Store For Ten Bucks


Unless you're super broke right now, I suppose.
Unless you're super broke right now, I suppose.

Double Fine’s Brütal Legend is out on the Mac App Store, and to celebrate, the publisher has dropped the price to a mere ten bucks. Considering that this game still retails for $15-$20 online, at least, this is a great deal.

Did I mention it also has Jack Black, Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmister, Rob Halford, Lita Ford, and an extra-helping of metalhead charm and Double Fine humor? Well, it does. If you’ve got a spare ten to, well, spare, then you should head on over to the Mac App Store and get yourself a copy before the price goes back up.

Brutal Legend is an open-world action-adventure game with a hilarious storyline about Eddie the Roadie (Black) and his aspirations to become the best heavy metal roadie ever, and perhaps even a Rock God. It’s like spending time in a fantasy painting by Frank Frazetta as directed by the guys from Spinal Tap.

Don't make Ozzy sad; buy the game.
Don’t make Ozzy sad; buy the game.

You’ll grab your epic guitar-axe and battle your way through hordes of hell’s minions, commanding the power of rock and Eddie’s minions along the way. The gameplay is both action hack n slash as well as real time strategy- flavored, with melee and ranged combat coming into play. You’ll also have a guitar solo power-up that can summon objects, buff teammates, or damage your enemies, as you direct.

Anywhere you can see in the game is a place you can go; you can walk, drive, or fly anywhere in the game. It’s worth your time to do so, since Brütal Legend is elbows-deep in visual nods to the history of heavy rock music and its associated fantasy artwork.

All that for ten bucks? On my Mac? Yes, please!

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Source: Mac App Store