‘Blitz Block Robo’ Is Our iOS Game Of The Week [Editor’s Pick]


Blitz Block Robo

I play a lot of iOS games on iPhone and iPad. There are so many games out there, so much content, that it can be extremely difficult to find something you’ll like without having to download a ton of apps, try them out, and then discard them as they don’t quite scratch the itch you’re needing, well, scratched.

Free apps or paid apps, both cost something to download in time, cash, or both. So, I figured, why not start doing some of the heavy lifting here, and help you find fantastic games to play, without all the work?

That said, I found a gem of a game this week, and it’s only $0.99, with no further in-app purchases (IAP) to sully the experience. Blitz Block Robo is a fantastic little game that hits all the right notes.

Launching the game has you sliding blocks already to start and choose your difficulty. You can do the tutorial, but who likes those, anyway? Not me. The ideal casual game is one in which I can jump in, figure out what’s going on just by watching, and play. In Blitz Block Robo, you’ll be matching at least three of the same colored robot blocks, sliding them together to make bigger matches, and then double tapping the color mass to remove it from the screen, making room for more blocks to appear as well as adding time to the countdown clock. When the grid fills up, or the time runs out, it’s game over, and you get a score.

There are power ups and special blocks as well, including ones that clear an entire row or column, a score doubler block, and a glitch block that reshuffles the whole screen, which can be super handy when rock blocks start to appear. You’ll need to tap these four times to get them out of your way.

I’m not a huge fan of match-three games, but this one strikes the same chord with me as did Hexic, a fun little downloadable game on Xbox Live many years ago. The music is bubbly and futuristic, the mechanics are simple but the gameplay deep. Blitz Block Robo is perfect for blissing out, getting to that groove we all crave, whether we know it or not.

So, here’s my recommendation for this week: grab a universal copy of Blitz Block Robo for $0.99, and thank me later. I’m headed back to slide and tap my way to a gaming zen state.

Source: App Store