New ‘Jobs’ Clip Shows How Woz & Steve Came Up With The Name Apple [Video]


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Yesterday, the makers of the upcoming Ashton Kutcher vehicle and Steve Jobs biopic Jobs released a featurette that went behind the scenes of the upcoming film.

Today, we get a new promotional clip, in which Kutcher as Jobs and Josh Gad as Steve Wozniak try to figure out the name of their new computer company? Whatever could it end up being?

Here is the clip:

Here’s the synopsis of the scene, which you can see above. Jobs and Wozniak are driving down the highway, debating names for their new company. Jobs rejects the name Enterprise Computers for being too much of a Star Trek reference, but when “the fruit of creation” is mentioned, Jobs has a moment of clarity. We’ll call it Apple! Apples are something everyone needs, something everyone wants to just reach out and grab.

Yeah, okay. I have to admit, this is pretty painful to watch. Kutcher appears to be a Steve Jobs who went on to give birth to the kid from Dude, Where’s My Car? and the writing is obvious, labored and generally dreadful. “No Star Trek references, or I’ll crash this car, I swear to God!” Gimme Pirates of Silicon Valley any day.

If Jobs looks like it’s going to scratch an itch, though, it’s hitting theaters on August 16.

Via: Redmond Pie