Open To The Specific View You Want To See With Evernote For Mac [OS X Tips]


All Notes Evernote View

Reader Bruce C asks,

I just read your article Mastering Evernote on Your Mac. I began using Evernote about a month ago and am now using it exclusively for notes and writing (journal, poetry, etc.). I like the Notebook view but the program opens in the Notes view. Is there a way to set it so the program always opens in Notebook view?

Well, Bruce, there is sort of a way to make sure it opens in whatever view you like, though it’s not quite a set-it-and-forget-it kind of solution. Here’s what to do.

When using Evernote, the app is set to open back up to the view you last were using when you had Evernote open last. In other words, if you quit Evernote in a specific notebook, when you open Evernote up again, it will open to that notebook again. If you quit Evernote while browsing All Notes, for example, it will then open up to the All Notes view upon your return.

So, to make sure that Evernote opens to the view you want when you launch the app, you’ll need to make sure you navigate to that view when you leave it. For Bruce, that means clicking on the Notebooks icon in the left-hand panel before he quits.

The same applies to any other view you want to see when you launch Evernote. You can use the View menu at the top of your screen to choose any specific View you want; just remember to do so before you quit, and then when you relaunch Evernote, you’ll see the View you like.

Via: Evernote Discussions