Help ‘Revolution 60’ Finish Production For iOS, Get To Mac With Kickstarter


Revolution 60

This story-based science fiction game for the iPad comes from Giant Spacekat is looking really good, what with its Mass Effect-style choice-making, all female cast, and real-time combat system. The team is so excited, in fact, that they’ve started up a Kickstarter project to polish it up as well as bring it to Mac and PC. [UPDATE: The Revolution 60 folks emailed us to say that the initial funds will go to porting to PC, while a $10,000 will help ensure a Mac version. They apologize for any confusion.]

With 29 days left to go, the project has already raised over $2,700 toward the $5,000 goal, so chances are good for success.

Set many years into a high-tech, space-faring future, Revolution 60 tells the story of a group of special ops agents for Chessboard. You’ll play as Holiday, an agency assassin who must decide to stay loyal to the mission or to her teammates, forcing you to make morally ambiguous choices that will affect the gameplay and story itself.

It also stars celebrated anime voice actors, Amanda Winn-Lee and Marieve Herrington, in the main roles, making this a treat for anime and science fiction fans alike.

Revolution 60 is a complex cinematic experience, where story and choice are paramount, as players make moral choices that decide the fate of heroine Holiday. Influenced heavily by classic TV shows such as 24, as it does to anime and game changing interactive entertainment classics Heavy Rain and Mass Effect, Revolution 60 tells a short intense story built around touch controls,” said Brianna Wu, Head of Development at Giant Spacekat.

As the game is developed in Unreal, it should be easier to port to Mac and PC, which the team intends to do after the iOS release. The Revolution 60 website has March 2014 as a timeline, but maybe we’ll see it sooner with this extra financial support?

Check out the Kickstarter page to support the team, and head over to the main game page to see what all the fuss is about.

Source: Kickstarter